How to drape different types of Sarees

Indian wedding occasions are incomplete without Sarees. Women from the bride’s as well as the groom’s side loves to go ethnic in these traditional ceremonies by wearing a range of beautiful and dazzling sarees. And in a place like India, where there is a special type of saree for each and every state, there is huge range of sarees available for a woman to choose. However, the one difficulty that lies in these sarees is their draping styles. Different Sarees are of different specialty; hence they have a different technique of draping styles. However, a woman should not be worried about it. Draping techniques are not rocket science and with some special procedures, everyone can drape a saree.

Therefore, let us have a look at the draping procedures of different types of sarees-

Bengali Saree– Bengali Sarees are characterized by rich border, sensuous red colour and mysterious draping.  Due to its mysterious style, its draping technique is a bit different. One needs to tuck the saree at the right side of the waist to take a complete round of the saree around the body. From there hold the pallu from the pleats and make some pleats as well and clip it to hold aptly to cross it over the left shoulder.



Nivi Style Sarees, Andhra Pradesh– Nivi Sarees are one of the most commonly used sarees in Northern India which originates from the land Andhra Pradesh.  This saree has the easiest draping process. One just needs to have the same colour blouse and petticoat and tuck it to the saree at the other end and drape it round to the frond and cover from the left shoulder.



Gujarati Saree– Gujarati Saree as famous for draping sense. Their front style pallu or “sidha” pallu is what which makes it famous. In Gujarati Saree, pleats are being tucked and draped in the left side. After that the left over pallu is spread across the bodice. This gives the saree a gorgeous look.

Lehenga Style Saree– Lehenga type saree has become quite popular in the recent few years for is ethnic appeal in a party look. For draping it, one needs to hold the petticoat tightly and comfortably with the saree. Then tuck the ends of the saree carefully into the skirt by circling it around the waist area. Leave the extra fabrics at the back by tucking it well. Then make pleats of the pallu.


Mumtaz Style Saree– It is a typical Bollywood style saree which has been a love of young women of all generations. Draping of Mumtaz Saree is quite simple. One just needs to tuck the other end of the saree into a petticoat and then make a complete round around the waist area and then bring the fabric at the front. After that make maximum 2 pleats then again wrap it the same way.


Thus, draping a saree is an art and mastering it requires no hard work, just a few systematic procedures. Drape your Saree well and look like a royal queen in every occasion.

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