The Western Impact on Indian Fashion style

With the intermingling of the western culture with the eastern counterparts, new and creative ideas have evolved in the minds of the Gen next Indian designers. These evolutions of ideas have also resulted in creation of unique yet very effective and fashionable outfits. The new age Indian designers have given a Midas touch to the eastern outfits which were once considered to be traditional, ethnic, royal and to some extent a bit boring by the young generation counterparts by giving it a stint of western pattern.

Here’s presenting some outfits that are the result of the fusion of Indian as well as western fashion styles-

Short Style Kurtas– The traditional Kurtas were generally defined as outfits of long dresses which comprised of bold prints. However, the innovative designers have given a new dimension to these Kurtas by making it short with halter necklines and have given the name of short style Kurtas. These fashionable Kurtas can be worn along with pants, chooridars as well as jeans.

Casual Crinkled Crapes and Skirts– Lehengas had always the value of being ethnic traditional attire. However, in this experimental and fashionable era, the traditional lehengas have been modified into casual crinkled crepes and skirts which have become a common party or social gathering wear. The traditional ones are still immensely valuable and are the most ideal bridal wears in India.

Lehenga Saree – Sarees and lehengas are the most traditional, royal and ethnic wear of an Indian women. Therefore, the new designers thought to mix the elements of both the outfits into one along with giving it a western touch and named it is Lehenga Saree. An ideal outfit for causal parties as well as events, Lehenga Saree is an absolute craze among the women of young generation.

Strap Neck Blouses – Blouses have always been popular among the Indian women whether in long or short sleeves. However, the western influence has resulted in the popularising Strap neck blouse which gives a woman a perfect western look in Indian attire.

Jacket Sarees – Jacket Sarees are a perfect combination of traditional outfit mixed with western attire. Made for unconventional and new generation brides, these jacket sarees will make a bride look cool with a traditional touch.

Asha Gautam store in Delhi is the hub of all traditional sarees in India, especially of Bridal wears. It is also the storehouse of the best designer lehengas in Delhi. Asha Gautam one of the top 10 designers in Delhi is also famous for its Banarasi and Bandhani Sarees.

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