Ways to take care of your Paithani Sarees

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Paithanisarees is the one and only ancient heritage textile that is still weaven in the same way as was woven some five thousand years ago. The beauty in the structure of the eternal piece is given by the workers fingers.

Considered to be a royalty among sarees, PaithaniSarees is known as the “queen of silks”. This fine weaved silk heirloom earned its name from the city of its origin, that is, Paithan in Aurangabad.

Dominating the world of sarees since the second century AD and second century BC, this master piece of work still remains a treat to the eyes. Paithanisarees holds a treasured place in the trousseau of a maharashtrian bride.

The uneeness of the texture, slight colour/reflection variations and lines or waves are inherent parts of textiles that is woven by hand using natural raw silk and dyes for the colours.

Keeping in view that the paithanisarres are hand woven sarees, no two paithanisarees can ever be the same, thus giving a unique saree to everyone. Such piece of beauty are rare to find and hence must be well taken care of. Below are provided some of the ways to care for your paithanisarees.

  • use your paithanisaree more often, it needs to adopt changes in climate and weather.
  • applying deodorant, perfume or any other chemical can harm the texture if the raw silk and can also lead to discolouration.
  • direct contact with water can harm the delicate material and intricate design of the saree. Hence avoid wearing your paithanisaree in rainy season. If there happens to be any stain on the saree do not clean it at home as it can damage the saree.
  • avoid direct sunlight for prolonged period as it can lead to discolouration.
  • change the folds of the saree and store it in a muslin bag or cloth.
  • never use naphthalene balls, use cloves instead.
  • never put the paithanisarees on a hanger, put them directly on the shelf instead.
  • never put the saree in plastic bags/ containers or cardboard boxes.                                Asha Gautam is a luxury wedding and occasion wear brand whose forte lies in handmade textiles and textures. Being in the industry for 20 years they specialize weaves such as Banarasi, Bandhanis, and embroideries such as convent, petit point and Zardosi and banarasi lehenga in Delhi.In Asha Gautam store, you can find the original forms of Bandhani Saress, like the Jhankaar Bandhani, BorJaal Bandhani, and Colour Discharge Bandhani. Asha Gautam is the also best producer of ethnic and traditional bridal outfits in Delhi. Asha Gautam also makes the best bridal lehengas and dupattas in Delhi. Asha Gautam is also the store house for the best designer lehenga in Delhi as well as best Silk and Bandhani Sarees in Delhi

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