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There’s no denying in the fact that Indian women look the best in traditional outfits.

It shows that you are so dedicated to sticking to your roots which bring out beauty from within you.

Every woman should own a banarasi, if not one, many!

Banarasi sarees have been in the tradition for a long period of time.

The fabric, the look, the texture speaks a thousand words about it.

If asked a woman in India, the maximum amount of women feel a Banarasi saree is a staple in a women’s wardrobe.

And why not? It is considered one of the finest sarees in India. The gold and silver zari will twirl your fantasies into reality the moment you look in the mirror wearing a banarasi saree

A bride’s trousseau is incomplete if it doesn’t consist of a banarasi saree. On the day of marriage, the most special day in the life of a woman, she dreams of looking her best and nothing can complement that dream more than a banarasi saree.

You can never go wrong with Banarasi, they say. Agreed. It looks royal and also feels royal which is why the hype of Banarasi never comes down.

We at Ashagautam fill the gaps between tradition and modern to make you a saree which is worth all your desires and dreams of looking beautiful on your special day.

The main motto of our brand is making our traditional crafts relevant and also liked by people.

These Banarasi sarees will tingle your inner traditional self and not just that it will also take place in your modern fashion sense.

And what’s more, we also have a line of bridal Banarasi Lehengas which are a treat to the bridal collection.

Flaunt the Indian traditional side of you by wearing a banarasi saree or lehenga on your special day or someone else’s and keep those eyes stuck on you.

We are known and recognized for our quality and our techniques. We place extreme pride in our creativity and innovation and serve our best to keep our clients happy.

We are determined to help our clients meet their expectation of owning the best traditional outfits available and Banarasis are one of them.

Banarasis are not just any saree you own but a style statement in itself. Own it because you deserve it!
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