5 Reasons you must now switch over to Handloom Sarees

Handloom saree

India women are blessed with a wide range of sari options to choose and wear. Each state of India has its own kind of sari options which women can choose to buy and wear. Be it the wedding or party, the sari is the most preferred option to wear and get people’s eyes over you. However, salwar suit or lehenga is the fitting and preferred option, sarees carry their own magic. When you start hunting for sarees, you will certainly come across Handloom sarees which are the most preferred one. These traditional handloom sarees are not just great in terms of fabric and finishing, but also for its look that has richness in all sense.

Asha Gautam, one of the leading boutique stores in Delhi, deals with authentic handloom sarees which are finely crafted by professional handloom experts. Let us give you 5 reasons on why you must invest in handloom sarees-

  1. A Versatile Outfit-

There is no doubt that sarees are the versatile outfit that can go with any accessories, skin color, and body shape. Whether you are wearing a south Indian or Gujarati or Rajasthani style handloom work, every type of sari is certainly the best to wear. You can even show off the statement blouse with neck drape and elevate it with the right accessories.

  1. Eco-Friendly Outfit-

Every handloom sari is made with complete 100% natural fibers and is eco-friendly. This is the best thing of these outfits because they carry no chemicals which are good for the body and for its longs term survival.  So isn’t it great to promote such eco-friendly outfit?

  1. Vastness of Weaves-

When it comes to vastness in culture, India never fails and offers a great reason to buy sarees cultivated from Indian culture. Handloom sarees are known for unique weaving, painting, and needlework that makes these sarees fall under cultural vastness. This also defines how well handloom weavers work on making this sari happen and look great.

  1. Crafted with Human Touch-

Handloom sarees are the fines example of human touch. It is uniquely crafted and every aspect of the sari is finely done to ensure the end result is of perfection in all terms. In fact, it has now reached the maximum place in India and handloom sarees are now available in every state.

  1. Not Limited to one look-

On the contrary to the belief that handloom sarees are not limited to bohemian look, but you can also find these sarees in Banarasi, Chanderi, Maheshwari sarees, and other options. So you can now get the best collection of handloom sarees.


By concluding, you cannot deny that handloom sarees are the perfect reason for every occasion you need to opt for. From quality to design, everything is par perfect that will make sure you are in eyes of people

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