Top Printed Colorful Sarees for Modern Day

Printed Colorful Sarees

Printed sarees are certainly the most preferred ones for the wedding and special events. They give a whole new look to a woman, added with accessories and make-up. Printed sarees have been embraced by women of all ages and continue to make prominence in today’s time. Designers are bringing the best in terms of quality, fabric, designs, and other aspects making these sarees worth investing on. When you opt for these printed sarees, you will come across wooden block prints, abstract digital prints, and some latest printed sarees. There are many designer stores that deal with this version of sari; Asha Gautam is one such store in Delhi that offers these printed colorful sarees with quality fabric.

Some of the features of Printed Sarees-

  • These sarees come in multiple color options with designs
  • Handprints involve creating wooden stencils and when dipped in dyes it creates print on the fabrics
  • These types of sarees are available in different prints- Kalamkari Prints, Bandhani prints, Batik, Dabu, Patola, Foil Prints, etc.
  • Some of the common patterns used are Flowers, nature, geometric patterns, abstract prints, sceneries, etc.

Some of the types of fabric used in printed sarees-

Weavers working on printed sarees use different fabrics to give the different finishing touch to each sari. Some of the common types of fabrics used in printed sarees are- Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe, Art Silk, Tussar silk, Satin, Net, Organza, etc.

Top printed sari design you will find are-

  1. Cotton Printed Sari-

This printed sari gives the garden an embossed look. Perfect for humid weathers in India, if you are attending local functions, then this cotton printed sari is perfect. The green and white combination perfectly suits the sari.

  1. Block Print Sari-

This is an authentic Bagru printed sari and falls under the authentic design. This sari carries a deadly combination of Indigo and white making it stand out on every occasion. Weavers working on this type of sarees, carefully print with block designs added with nature-inspired motifs. This type of type of sarees works best for ethnic wear.

  1. Multi-Colored Printed Saree-

If you love wearing sarees having popped-up color then check out multi-colored printed sari collections. It comes with a bright and tasteful combination of cream, pink and blue can make you look angelic. It is a pure work of art having quality silk fabric that suits well in every type of body.

  1. White and Yellow Reversible Printed Sari

This printed sari looks great with yellow and off-white color. The blend of printed black rose gives the look of trendy fashion. The sari gets the best contrasting look against monochrome where pleats are formed along with a bright yellow border. This is an exclusive and unique piece of sari that will turn heads towards you.


Modern printed sarees are certainly the most preferred choice which every other woman look forward to. Checkout with Asha Gautam to find the latest collection of printed sarees available in different fabrics and price labels.

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