Why Vibrant Sarees Are Preferred Over Others?

bribrant saree

There are very few drapes as attractive, as sensual yet as decent as sarees. No wonder that it has now ceased being average everyday wear. Indian celebs, as well as others across the length and breadth of the world, love donning them. With the new age saree revolution, the traditional designs have undergone a metamorphosis, as well.

Over the years, there has been a massive change in terms of trends and designs of sarees. Vibrant sarees is now the most welcome change and is accepted in special events too. Even celebs have been promoting this vibrant change largely. If you look for such sarees, you will find some exclusive range giving you enough options to choose. Asha Gautam, one of the leading designers in Delhi too has been selling some sparkling range of vibrant sarees. In fact, they have witnessed a good demand in recent times.

Let us delve deep in fact why vibrant sarees are largely preferred-

Shades That Bring Life

Even a decade and a half ago, Indian women tend to be very conservative regarding the choice of colors of their sarees. While dull, pastel and neutral shades seemed to be a constant among darker women, bright and vibrant sarees were favored by women having light skin. Plus ladies, who were unsure about the choice of shade, would stick to basic neutrals. However, Asha Gautam, who has been running saree business for years, affirms that any shade can look beautiful in any woman. One needs some ideas and inspirations to get started.

Avoiding the Basic Neutrals

Shades like beige, black, browns, olive green, navy blue, and ivory have been there for long. They have been the ‘safe choices among women. What we fail to realize that a number of shades fall under the category of these shades. The designers have shown that even metallic shades like gold and silver can be masterfully worn as neutrals. One needs to pick a bold shade for the blouse that she is going to wear with the saree. Try it to dazzle anywhere.

Going Regional with Sarees

From Banarasi, and Chickan from the north to Lehriya, bandndni, and Pochampalli in West, as well as the Tant, Sambalpuri, Moga Silk from the east to Kanchipuram in the south, India is a treasure chest of eye-popping sarees. Each of these saree types is now available in various color choices. Together, they add a splash of vibrancy to every wardrobe. Asha Gautam mentions that her impressive collection of sarees from all over India makes it convenient to offer something to all. This makes an excellent reason to have some bright colored sarees.

Asha Gautam is the also best producer of ethnic and traditional bridal outfits in Delhi. Asha Gautam also makes the best bridal lehengas and dupattas in Delhi. Asha Gautam is also the storehouse for the best designer lehengas as well as best Silk and Bandhani Sarees in Delhi. AshaGautam is the best fashion designer in Delhi.

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