3 Trendy Cotton Sarees to Choose

For every Indian woman cotton sarees are a hot choice. Considering the climatic condition of India cotton sarees are very popular especially because of their sweat absorbing and light-weight properties. As India is one of the largest producers of cotton in the world, it is home to an array of cotton sarees with a distinctive style and adornments. Each part of the country manufactures nonpareil quality of cotton sarees which are best suited for every woman. From the traditional khadi sarees which were woven on chakra to the new age linen cotton, sarees have come a long way witnessing the history. Nothing matches with the beauty and comfort of cotton sarees, and thus, they are replaceable by modern fabrics.
asha gautam

AshaGautam, one of the leading designer clothing stores in Delhi offers a wide range of cotton sarees with different designs over it. You can choose from the designs created by professionals for different occasions. Let us now check top trendy cotton sarees you can choose and buy-

Plain cotton silk sarees

Cotton silk sarees are one of the essentials in every saree wardrobe. They are stylish and sophisticated and thus, balance the elegance with soberness. Even men love their lady wearing sarees as the draping is an art filled with love. Silk sarees are abundant in colors, texture, and sheen which often make you confusing to choose one from your wardrobe. Silk sarees are great for royal events, feasts, and parties. Silk sarees can be paired with studded or golden sandals.

Tant sarees

Tant sarees are engulfed in tradition and culture. The fabric is a bit crispy, and the cotton fantasies are woven manually. As the sarees are starched stiffly, they do not have that free-flowing property like silk or georgette. The ardent thread works and magnificent craftsmanship from West Bengal make Tant sarees really enticing, especially during the festive season. They are usually paired with red-hued jewelry or even gold ornaments.


Kanjeevaramsarees are one of the precious collections in any bridal parties or events in South India. They come in vibrant colors and wonderful design works which match perfectly with grand occasions. Because of its wide popularity, they are also available on various online platforms. The texture and shine of kanjeevaramsarees look similar to silk fabrics. With the perfect garnered drape and color combination you can stun the viewers and onlookers of any event.


Choosing cotton sari from different trendy options isn’t an easy job. Fortunately, with AshaGautam you will have a good chance to grab the best cotton sarees handcrafted by professionals for every occasion.

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