Top Banarasi sarees in Delhi

Saree is a traditional Indian garment elaborately draped around the body by Indian women . Sarees come in an impressive variety. One of the most popular types of Sarees is ‘The Banarasi Saree’.  Banarasi sari is a sensation that needs no introduction. An Indian bride’s trousseau is incomplete without a Banarasi Saree. Banarasi is a coveted heirloom for countless households in India.
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Brocade is the resultant fabric when dyed yarns are used in warp and zari (Gold or silver thread) is used as weft on a loom to create embossed patterns on the surface. And the brocades that are woven in Banaras are called Banarasi Brocades. The magnificence of the world famous Banarasi Brocade is an outcome of arduous labor and precise skills of the weavers. Banarasi brocade is a dazzling emblem of our 400-year-old rich textile heritage. It has evolved through various invasions, influences, highs, and lows to look as it appears today. Banarasi saree has been bestowed the GI(Geographical Indication) certification. It can be used as a litmus for authenticity by customers.

Banarasi is synonymous with Vibrancy. A traditional Banarasi pallette would display rich, vibrant, brilliant colors like fuchsia, green and red. Vibrancy is taken a notch up by using the yarns with intrinsic shine such as silk, organza, and Zari. Out of Pure Silk Sarees (Katan), organza sarees ( Kora ), Georgette and contemporary brocades (Shatter), Pure silk brocades enjoy the status of being most famous. Weavers marry these rich colors with intricate motifs like paisley, flowers, peacocks, trees, parrots, bouquets and geese to create magic. Banarasi brocade is nothing short of a royal treat to look at. No wonder, Mughals showcased a particular interest in promoting the craft.

Based on the variations in their designs, Yarns, techniques and sometimes use, Banarasi Sarees are further classified into Jangla, Tanchoi, Vaskat, but lidar, cutwork, and tissue. Each a masterpiece in itself.

Now called Varanasi, the heart of this craft is brimming with small and large industries.

Asha Gautam store offers a rich assortment of authentic Banarasi sarees in Delhi carefully crafted to blend modern sensibilities with traditional essence for every occasion. We measure our success with client satisfaction, providing unmatched choices, excellent quality and exclusive designs for various price points.

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