Authentic, Trending and latest Banarasi Sarees in Delhi

Do you love sarees and want to buy the best Banarasi sarees in Delhi? AshaGautam is the best place where you get the most trending, authentic, and latest collection of Banarasi sarees in Delhi. Well-known for its designer work and fabric, AshaGautam has never disappointed its clients so far. You will find the original form of Banarasi saree with intricate designs and textures. AshaGautam also offers other forms of designer sarees such as traditional, Bandhani, Paithani, and other varieties in its store. The price range depends on the m aterial and type of embroidery work done on the saree.

ashagautam, banarasi sarees in delhi

Depending on the fabric, Banarasi sarees are classified into below categories –

  1. Georgette Banarasi Sarees are light fabric with simple and plain weave. These sarees are made from crepe yarn which is inter-woven with S twisted and Z twisted yarn. Latest salwar kameez designs, Bollywood sarees, and designer sarees are made from this fabric which gives a modern look to the sarees.
  1. Organza (Kora) with Silk and Zari Banarasi Sarees are richly woven fabric with a plethora of designs and patterns made by weft and warp. Zari brocade is created by coating silver threads with gold and woven closely around the silk yarn.
  1. Shattir Banarasi Sarees are contemporary and exclusive Banarasi Sarees created from a fabric called as shatter.
  1. Katan Banarasi Sarees are woven with pure silk threads of the plain fabric of katan. These sarees are produced using rapid looms and power looms. Traditional Katan Banarasi sarees are woven using handlooms creating beautiful motifs and patterns.

The Banarasi Sarees in Delhi are famous for the different type of designs available in the shops that include intricate artwork. Some of the designs available are –

  1. Cutwork design Banarasi Sarees are woven with cutwork technique on plain fabric. These are less expensive sarees with traditional design patterns.
  1. Tanchoi design Banarasi Sarees are woven from colourful weft silk yarns. The border of the pallu is designed with a criss-cross pattern and has large motifs on the pallu.
  1. Jangla design Banarasi Sarees are woven in colourful silk threads which have an intricate form of Jangla motif that spreads and scrolls across the length of the saree. These sarees are one of the ancient sarees and are opted for wedding ceremonies by most of the women.
  1. Butidar design Banarasi Sarees are richly woven sarees that are brocaded with silver, silk, and gold threads. As compared to silver threads, a gold thread is darker on the design work of the saree. This pattern is usually referred to as Ganga-Jamuna by the weavers. The sarees are locally popularized as Resham Butti, Jhummar Butti, Patti Butti, Angoor Bail, Latiffa Butti, Ashrafi Butti, Jhari Butti, Baluchar Butti, and many more.
  1. Tissue design Banarasi Sarees has golden zari that adds sheen to the piece. Lotus floating in a radiant pond is the most popular design with self-woven paisleys patterned on the pallu and its border.

AshaGautam offers dazzling and glowing patterns in Banarasi sarees in Delhi that lures every woman to buy it. The different types of Banarasi sarees in Delhi are popular for various occasions such as engagement and wedding giving a rich and radiant look. The Banarasi Sarees by AshaGautam has acquired an iconic stature in the market because of its rich designs and affordable price.

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